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Dr Julie Best

I'm really glad you've found me. If you're here because you're struggling with some difficult or confusing feelings, or a painful situation, then we can work together to help. It would be great to know more about you, so please get in touch by using the contact button or giving me a call. 

We can discuss what would help you, and it can feel so much better just to know that I am there to listen. 

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Dr Julie Best psychotherapist

What I do

It all starts with listening, to your needs, at your pace. We can talk about how life is feeling for you at the moment, and how you would like it to change. 

I am not going to judge you, you are the expert on you, and you will have made the best decisions you could in the situation that you were in. I am here to help and support, to offer a different perspective and perhaps some new ideas. We will start with building an understanding of how you are feeling now. Then we will go on to think about what is happening at the moment and together agree what you would like to do differently. I can gently support you through the process of making the changes that you choose to make.

Once we have worked out what you would like to achieve we will agree between us how we will work together. We will agree a time and place - which may be face to face or online - and you can ask any further questions you may have about me or our time together. 


Contact Me

It can feel difficult to make the first contact especially if you haven't had counselling before. I will make this as easy as I can for you. You can send me a text, or message me via the form and I will contact you to arrange a free initial chat. You have no obligation to go any further unless you feel it is right for you. 

If you would prefer to phone, please leave me a message. I will only answer the phone if I can speak to you confidentially, but if you leave me a message I will phone you back, usually the same day or the day after. 

Phone 07842 760 560



07842 760560

Thanks for getting in touch. I look forward to speaking to you soon. I am taking my Christmas break from 18-26th December so I will respond to any messages on 27th December. If you don't see a reply please check your junk folder in case my message has been diverted. 

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